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Educational Activities

Abertillery and District Musuem caters for school groups, offering fun educational activities.

The themes and subjects in the museum are geared to school requirements and the National Curriculum. Subjects and displays include:

  • Romans and Celts
  • Tudors and Stuarts
  • Victorian (Ironworkers, Coalminers, Shop and Washday)
  • World War ll (on both the battle and the home front).

There are interactive displays where children can dress up in costumes relevant to the period they are studying. These include:

The Bon Marché Shop, which can be adapted for either the Victorian era or that of the WW ll rationing and the use of ration books.

Bon Marche Shop

World War ll Costumes, uniforms and equipment can be used to illustrate this period in our history following health and safety guidelines.

Dolly Peg At WorkVictorian Washday has always been popular with schoolchildren visiting the museum, using the dolly pegs, rubbing boards and thewhole process of washday from the tub to the ironing board. The new addition of a replica washhouse gives the children an even better insight of the Welsh Mam and her arduous task on the Monday washing day.

Hover your mouse over the picture on the right to see the lady hard at work on the Dolly Peg!


Who am I? A section with mirrors and different period hats for the children to try on.

What's Under the Floorboards?

What’s under the floorboards? A fun game giving the children a tactile experience of old objects hidden beneath floorboards.



Roman corn grinding, there is a full size quoin stone with Roman numerals stamp used to grind corn and smaller ones available for the children to participate in grinding corn into flour.

Other activities include; sand pit excavation where children can delve in the sand to find buried objects.

Treasure in the Sand Pit

Please contact the Curator, Don Bearcroft, on 01495 211140 if you would like to book Abertillery and District Museum for a school visit.

Click here to download the Teacher's Information Pack.

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